Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homeschool Rescue Review!

When anyone wants to learn a certain skill, they study it in order to master it. One might go to school and learn from professors who have dedicated their lives to a certain area of life. One might go to the library or book store and collect books on their expertise and study away, marking up the margins, taking notes, and applying what is learned. One might surround themselves with people who are currently practicing the skill one is trying to acquire in order to attain a sort of internship on the matter. Now let's relate this to homeschooling: Are you studying how to be a better homeschool mom? Are you stuck? Discouraged? Unorganized? Frazzled? What resources are you studying?

I am talking about Homeschool Rescue by Only Passionate Curiosity today which I had the privilege of reviewing over the last month and a half or so. This is a course for parents to go through that THOROUGHLY equips them in EVERY SINGLE area that pertains to homeschooling. 

This course is multifaceted. It includes videos and slideshows, worksheets, social media support, printable lesson and home planners and more! Homeschool Rescue has modules that include lessons all broken down in topics that begin at the basis of your family and household and acquiring a fresh outlook and firm foundation that can be worked on and detailed in the later lessons. The flow of this course is truly genius. 

Homeschool Rescue seemed to encapsulated ALL the homeschooling and "how to run a home smoothly" books I have ever read all in ONE COURSE! It also touches on almost everything I have blogged about for years as far as tips and tricks to having the home running smoothly and getting everything done all while not failing to build my children UP. 

This course really encouraged me to continue doing what my family already does in our home.

Heres a snap shot of a part of the slide show with some resource links below.


- Sweet Calendar that you can follow and work through the course in a timely manner

- There is a social media aspect and support group that I, unfortunately, did NOT get to review since I do not have social media (besides a pinterest), so my review is based solely off the course content itself

- I loved the videos and slideshows! I was able to play them in the background, like I often do Bible teachings, and listen to them while I did my chores around the house. Once the lesson was over (usually about 7-20 minutes) I printed the worksheets and would work through some of them on my own, with my children, or with my husband. 

- These worksheets were short, practical, easily laid out with pretty paper, and equipped  you to actually take the very next step and apply what you listened to. For example, one of my favorite homework was the lists of the "Good, Great and 'Got to Go!'". I was able to list out everything we're involved in on a piece of paper and circle what the Lord has undoubtedly called us to then cross out the things that we're good, but not necessarily needed "at this time". This freed my husband and I up tremendously!

Some examples of the "homework" and "resource" section of a lesson

- Best of all, I loved how many things I have read in books on "Large Family Living and Homeschooling" was ALL in this course. It's truly PACKED FULL of useful and practical tips and things you can literally start applying right away.

** I also LOVED that there was a section encouraging you to look up the homeschooling laws in your state. I was equipped with how to find that information and what to do with it.**


- Sometimes the sound in the videos would get louder or quieter. I could tell that the lady recording it was using a mic on a stand, in an open room (echoey sound), and sometimes moved closer and further from the mic. I also noticed a popping sound when she annunciates "p" or "b" and probably needs a popping guard while talking. This might not bother other people, but it was a bit distracting to me since I do a lot of recording and music for our church radio station and am very aware of these things.

As a Christian, I disagree with the worldly or secular idea of self-esteem that is such a part psychology these days, so I was uncomfortable with Heather's use of the "self-esteem" in a few of the lessons. I was most uncomfortable with Module 4 Lesson 1 which is titled "Self-Esteem and Reward Systems."  I understand, I think, with what she was trying to say but I do have an issue with "self-esteem." 

Overall, would I recommend this course?
Yes. :)

Very informative. 

Equips the rookie homeschooler 
encourages the veterans. 

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