Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Christian Comic Book Super Hero! *VIDEO REVIEW*

When I look for a good book for my kids I want it to be Biblically sound, spiritually encouraging and one that stirs my kids up to be heroes in the faith, as well as one that will draw them in...

This picture above speaks a thousand more words then this review could ever speak for what we thought about the book Captain Absolutely by Focus on the Family.

Here is a summery of this book done by four of my five kids:

I would probably assign this book a reading level of grades 2 or 3 to adult or ages 6 and older. Alex was all into this book reading it a few times through to the kids. Even I was anticipating what was going to happen next! Both Alex and I read this aloud as a family, but the kids have gone through it many times on their own as well.

The author has many humorous notes that he added throughout the book that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I guess this book correlates with a few Adventure in Odyssey episodes and those episodes are listed in the book. I am interested in investigating if there are mentions of this comic book in the Odyssey adventures since it appears Captain Absolutely was actually written by a character from Odyssey. This brings a whole new aspect to this book that is so very unique. It came from Odyssey! A character that is familiar to our children actually "wrote" this book. That's a lot of fun!

There are scripture references along side many one liners that both the hero and villains have. This is a great tool to pull out your Bible and read what the Bible says and discuss how we can use God's Word to battle the temptations we fall prey to every day as well as battle the unseen enemies of laziness, fear, procrastination, and gluttony like their hero Captain Absolutely did. 

The pages are incredibly colorful and detailed! There are different things through the book that you realize you missed the first 5 times through and you continue to discover them as you go through the book again and again such as the trail of sunflower seeds at several crime scenes that lead you back to the main villain.

For only $10 this is a book that you MUST add to your accessible reading material for your children. 
So so FUN and very edifying. 
Not your ordinary un-beneficial superhero book.

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  1. Awesome to see kids engrossed in reading and not on a device :)