Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Do I Remember?!?

So, I have a TERRIBLE memory. Long-term especially! Which is actually the reason I started blogging. So I am going to just dedicate this post to some quirky things about my kids that I want to remember:

**Dogs: The twins are seriously afraid of dogs! Lately mostly. They don't even want to go in their room alone because they are scared of a "puppy" being in there. Every bark they hear, every unidentified noise is a puppy just waiting to sneak up on them! It's really a crack up because we took them to the zoo and they were fine. 

**Oranges dans le bain?!?: Both girls are speaking quite a bit, but Ahavah is really excelling. I was soaking in the bathtub with a plethora of orange peels (great for the skin) and Ahavah showed herself into the bathroom and in plain, toddler, broken English said, "Mom, you take a bath?" 
"Yes, Ahavah"
"Les oranges dans le bain (Oranges in the bath)?"
I was so proud of my girl! Speaking almost full sentences in both languages!

**Are you mocking me?!?: I was sorting through the 2-year old clothes in the living room, folding them, sorting them ect. The girls keep climbing over my neat piles of clothes and, in frustration but trying to keep my cool, I sign and put my head in my hands. I sat there for a minute or so and look up to see Ahavah sighing and putting her head in her hands, but peeking at me through her fingers smiling. "Are you mocking me?!?" I said to her. She put her hands out, palms up, to her side and babbled like she needed to explain herself. Then she continued to sigh and place her head in her hands! :) This took care of my bad attitude right away!!

**"I Eat Foot": I was sitting on the couch the other day with my very hungry twins, waiting for our pizza delivery man to show up. I looked over at Alecia and she was licking the dirt off her feet! Appalled, I asked, "What are you doing?!?" 
She replied, "I Eat Foot Mom!"
"Oh, right. I should have known that was a great alternative to pizza. My bad!" :)

**Things I Love**

  • When the girls tickle each other
  • When they repeat every word that I end every sentence in: "What are you doing?" "Doing??" "Yes, that's what I said." "Said??" "This is pointless..." "Point-yess??"
  • When they see someone they recognize in a picture: "Mama!" "Dad!" "Papa!" "Nana!" "Masha!" "Sister!"
  • How they say each other's name: "She, she" "Habah" "Dri, Dri" (What we call Hayven)
  • When Hayven talks and coos away when she sees me
  • How all of their faces light up when I come into the room
  • How far out their bottom lips go when their daddy told them to stop whining
  • When I take one twin's shirt off she says, "Nay-nay! (Naked)" Then the other says, "I Nay-nay! (I want to be naked)"

I will have to add onto this as I remember more recent stories. After all, my memory is terrible!


  1. I love this age! I also love that your girls will be bilingual. At this age, there is no differentiation between French and English, to them it's all one language, and thats awesome. I wish, learning a language as an adult, was as simple. My French is terrible, I can read it and comprehend much better than speak or listen. That's mostly because I can read Latin/Spanish and can pick out what things might mean from my knowledge of those. As an adult, learning a language you always compare what "this" means in "this" instead of just learning. I hope to raise my children (when God blesses me) to be bi or multi lingual.

  2. Hahahaha! I LOVE the "are mocking me?!?" story! I've had many moments like that with Naomi :) Your kids are so darn adorable!