Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daily Bible Jigsaw App!

Brain-mode off. 
Just need to switch it off momentarily! 
Ever have these moments? 
With everything on my plate, I sometimes just need about 5 minutes of something completely unrelated to anything productive, yet edifying and refreshing to my soul.

Planet 316 has an app called Daily Bible Jigsaw that I have been "religiously" playing (no pun intended...haha of course it was intended!!) for the last few weeks. I was given the privileged of "piecing" together a review of this app for you ;) (Yes, another pun).

Anyways... It's a blast! 

Lovely relaxing music in the background accompanied with a beautiful new jigsaw every day of the week. Every puzzle has a scripture verse that appears once the puzzle is completed. Each time you complete a puzzle you get a puzzle piece to a big calendar view jigsaw puzzle. There's "Awards" you can win by meeting certain requirements such as:

  • Completing the tutorial
  • Solving a puzzle under a certain amount of time
  • Solving a certain number of puzzles 
  • And many more
There are a number of ways to earn coins as you complete your puzzles, or the "Bonus" puzzles. These coins let you do special things while you play your puzzles such as move all the pieces to the edges of the board, make all the center pieces disappear until you're finished building the frame of the puzzle, rotate all the pieces to their correct position, connect two random pieces automatically, or allow you to see a picture of the completed the puzzle.

You can also link up with Facebook and share your puzzles or have jigsaw tournaments with your friends! 

So, I usually do my puzzle after dinner clean up when I finally get to sit down and put my feet up. Other times I've found myself doing my puzzle is when I'm frazzled and need to step away from homeschooling, a business endeavor, or trying to work on a recent song that I'm wiring. I get that quick escape that's rewarded with a crowd clapping and cheering for me (my favorite part when I finish a puzzle!!) as well as a really encouraging Bible verse. 

My kids have played this app too. They typically don't like puzzles that we've done in the past, but they seem to really enjoy this app. 

I like that it's not just a pointless game, it's exercising your brain and encouraging your spirit. 

I really enjoyed it! And it's FREE!!! Yay!

You can download the Daily Bible Jigsaw app or play here:

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