Monday, November 17, 2014

And Finally the Biopsy!

Praise the Lord!
We finally got a Bone Marrow Biopsy Schedueled!

I normally wouldn't blog about these kind of things until after it all passed, but I feel the Lord's peace to. 

We have the Bone Marrow Biopsy scheduled for next week.

And we got news today that Ahavah's lead level has risen again. It went from 14 to 23. I am still waiting to hear from her primary to get her course of action (which will probably be chelation therapy again). We are praying in the funds for that treatment.

Man, the Lord's guidance and anointing on today's appointment was incredible. 
We met a Jewish family in the waiting room to the lab and got to share Jesus' love with them. We told them we were praying for them and their country and their people. We told them we love them and God loves them. When they heard all Ahavah was facing, they were amazed at the peace and joy we had and we shared that we know where we are going when we die that gives us the strength even in the face of death and uncertainty. 

THEN I went to schedule the biopsy and a lady was scheduling hers at the exact same time. I scheduled for Monday and she needed Monday so they asked if I would be willing to switch my appointment. I quick prayed and asked the Lord if that's what He wanted. He reminded me I needed to be there for a friend Monday and had committed to that already. "Yes! Switching it would be perfect!"

We went out and bought Ahavah a new pink humidifier for her bedside to prevent bleeds and she treats her nose with gels and sprays several times a day. 

God's so good! He really is. 

I am praying for MORE opportunities to share Christ and His love, His death, and His life in us as we continue being lead by His Spirit.

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