Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Look Into The New Year

I LOVE New Years Resolutions! Unlike a lot of people, I really take them seriously. I love to set goals and work to meet those goals and see the fruit and the growth after looking back over a year spent well. So here is my evaluation of the last year:

This year we want to:
(1) Know Jesus more
(2) Lay down our lives more
(3) Love other more
personally want to:
(1) Read my Bible a whole lot more
(2) Pray for my husband and kids a whole lot more
(3) Being a more submitting and supportive wife

How I did:
  • I read my entire Bible through this year
  • I read ahead for every Sunday message except one this year
  • I prayed a whole lot more then I did last year, often waking up before the rest of my house to spend an hour in prayer
  • Being refined through our toughest year in marriage, but coming out as precious gold was the testimony of this year! Praying for my husband and our relationship through some rough times and falling more in love with each other.
  • Still continually, steadfastly pouring our lives out for our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as for the lost, praying and sharing with them that they may come to know Jesus

2014 Goals
I am always seeking to raise the bar in my life. 
Growing and striving to grow in my relationship with God. 

  1. I want to read the entire Bible through again.
  2. I want to read ahead for every Sunday again.
  3. I want to pray more for my husband, children, and church family.
  4. I want to press on and grow in the areas of ministry that the Lord has called me to: worship and the gift of discerning spirits
  5. I want to hear God's voice more and have a greater victory over sin

2013 Recap
  • January: We found out we were pregnant with Elias! I started adding to my Herbal Medicine cabinet with making my first tinctures.
  • February: We took the Mega bus out to Detroit with a puking child, a morning sick mommy, and two restless toddlers... 14 hour bus ride...
  • March: We moved to Cottage Grove and found out that Elias was a boy.
  • May: We found out the girls had gluten intolerance and it threw us for a while loop!
  • June: Hayven got potty trained. My pregnancy... sucked...
  • July: Just a lot of whining and complaining about pregnancy
  • August: The MOST amazing birth/labor in the history of man-kind! Officially had 4 kids ages 2 and under. Traveled to Iowa and Wisconsin. Alex spent a month off work at home. I chopped all my hairs off for our anniversary.
  • September: Preschool started. 4 Years of marriage! YES!! 
  • November: Spent Thanksgiving with Alex's family
  • December: Squatted in our friends house and spent lots of time with loved ones. 

There is so much more that happened that I can't recall... which is my primary reason for blogging.


Thank you, Father, for another great year full of blessings from You! I so don't deserve all that you give to me. I am overwhelmed when I think about just the salvation and forgiveness of sin that You have given to me, but then You continue to bless me far beyond that! I live in a country where I am not being persecuted and killed for my relationship with You! My kids are being filled with Your love and Your word, healthy food, fresh water, and clothed and completely provided for! MY husband is the most amazing man on this planet... and I am married to him! He loves You and You have done such a work in his life this last year. My God, please keep us. Continue to lead us and guide us through this life. I pray that we honor You and give You glory in everything that we do and say, in our whole conversation of life. I pray we are uncompromisingly righteous this year through Your grace and the blood of Your son Jesus. I love you, Father. Thank you!

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