Friday, February 15, 2013

Mega Bus to Detroit

This family adventure began at 5:30am on Wednesday.

We took one bus from Minneapolis to Chicago that was an 8 hour ride. 

Then we had a little lay over at which the girls at their first donuts at Dunkin' Donuts.

We then took our second 6 hour bus ride to Detroit.

Alecia poking Ahavah as she sleeps

Nap time :)

The trip went pretty smooth except for the fact that Hayven has been throwing up since Saturday. She threw up on the bus and was REALLY crabby the second bus ride. She is also teething four (or more?) teeth. The twins did great and had a blast.

We are now in Detroit. We visited a street ministry church last night and was REALLY encouraged. The pastor reminded people to be thankful for how good God has been to us. The girls were running around playing and bringing joy to all the homeless people, drug addicts, and prostitutes that showed up. Everyone LOVED the girls. They went around asking every. single. person. what their name was and introducing themselves.

Praying that the rest of our trip is great, safe, and that we hear from the Lord and learn all that He wants us to while we are here. 

Also praying that Hayven stops throwing up (which she STILL is) and that the twins don't get sick as well.... or that will be a L.O.N.G. bus ride home next Monday.


  1. Praying for you and excited to see where God will lead you from here!

  2. Praying for sweet little Hayven.

    I would love to meet your little lovies and pick your brain about some things! Maybe next time you're in Detroit. I suppose I'd have to formally introduce myself instead of being a blog lurker! lol.