Tuesday, June 1, 2010

23 weeks: Mega UltraSound

On my birthday I got to see my beautiful baby girls! Ahava was still head down and Alecia head up. We counted their fingers and toes, saw their insides, and got pictures of their faces.

Pregnancy is interesting... so many weird feelings. In the middle of the night I wake up with these horrible gripping calf cramps. I feel like screaming. I just moan and tell my husband, "DON'T MOVE! DON'T YOU DARE EVEN MOVE!" They hurt really bad :(.

Feeling my babies move and kick inside of me is REALLY the weirdest thing ever! It's kinda gross. Most of the time it's really gross. I have to tell myself, "It's just gas. Pretend it's just gas." Now they are pretty strong though, so it's hard to deceive myself. Alex loves to feel them kick.

I also have been getting some pretty bad cramps for up to four hours after my husband and I are intimate. I talked to my nurse lady (from my insurance company) about it and she said to hold off until I see my doctor... yeah right! ;)

My poor belly button is looking miserable. He looks like he is in some terrible pain and ready to blow! i am also starting to get that dark line across my belly where the abdominal muscles split.

It's really hard to see anything above my knees and below my belly. I can't really reach my toes and they are in dire need of a pain job and some TLC.

Alex and I are praying about moving plans. Live with someone, or get our own place? We are also praying about schooling and just future plans. Lord, where You lead me, I will follow and what You feed me, I will swallow. :)

Been staying on top of my French studies and today ordered the Little Pim video series (the first three at least) for my babies. I have also been working on music with Tatiana.

Still working out when I can and eating as healthy as possible, which this past week was my sugar diet week... :/

Oh! And for the first time I went swimming and felt like my old skinny self again!! I can't wait for that! Well at least for me to be able to sleep on my belly, lay in the sun on my belly, see my feet and above my knees, fit into the small bathroom stalls, wear clothes that aren't five miles long or wide, drink an energy drink without feeling guilty, do some intense exercise and more!!

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