Friday, May 14, 2010

Week Twenty: "Half Way"

So this is supposedly the "half way" mark. The "milestone" in pregnancy. The only difference I feel is what sent me into the hospital the other night. **Dizziness** Also some numbness in the hands and feet. I wasn't too concerned until I called the nurse hotline (probably one of the best things invented) told me to get into the ER right away and call am ambulance if I was home alone. 4 1/2 hours in the ER followed by a doctors visit all to draw the very conclusion I thought from the beginning: It's just part of being a prego. Oh the money I would save my insurance company if I had just followed my instincts. Better safe then sorry though.

Apparently this dizziness only gets worse as I continue to grow into my massive figure. My wonderful husband got me some clothing to cover this globe attached to my frontal area. He's really great.

My fingers are fat! My rings don't fit! I find that hilarious! I was twisting Mr. Babe's hair the other day and asked him to take my rings off. We had the hardest time, even with the lubricated, waxy fingers!! I am at least wearing my wedding ring until my finger is blue or it pops off! Gotta keep those prego lovers off me!

I have these strange itchy red bumps on my belly. I am assuming they are from hormones or something.

There is one thing I LOVE about being pregnant... I have NO PROBLEMS when it comes to bowl movement! Usually I do, you see. Here is where you learn some personal things about me. I usually only go twice a week. But since being a prego, I go everyday sometimes twice a day. It's those kinds where you HAVE to go, and then you sit down and are done in like 10 seconds tops. I love it! No straining, no hurting... just "it's time" "okay!" DONE!

I really wanted my daddy to be at this next ultrasound on the 27th, but it looks like he won't be :(. I have been collecting great ideas to teach my girls French. I am going to make flashcards, buy English children books and translate them into French, order some French kids DVDs called "Pim", and speak to them only in French (as much as I can anyways). I got a French Bible and have been LOVING to dive into God's word this new way!

I also have been doing these prego workouts online. They are really great and make me feel like I am not losing all my muscle tone. They are by doctorcathy.


  1. We have 'Little Pim' in Japanese for Margaret and they're great!! Though I don't speak Japanese so I have to rely on outside sources to teach her while I learn... :( I had a friend who spoke spanish to her girl all day and when Daddy came home they spoke english and at 3 or 4 she is pretty much bilingual.

    :) yay for halfway!