Thursday, June 10, 2010

Semaine Vingt-quatre (week 24): A new perspective

Itchy Itchy Itchy!!! My belly and my sides are like a non-stop itch!! It reminds me of the Proverb about a contentious wife being a continual dripping. That is SUPER irritating!! Lord, help me to not be a continual dripping or constant itching to my wonderful husband.

Stretch marks are now apparent on my like upper hip area. They are bright red! It looks like I got beat up or something. I just noticed them when putting on a swimsuit yesterday. I can defenetly see why they are there though. With all this stretching and itching, I am surprised there aren't more then that.

I have come to the decision that pregnancy is beautiful! It's an amazing thing to carry a baby (or in my case two) and to have them form and grow in you! What a miracle! And that my body changes in such a way to accommodate for their growth. Like my hips expanding, my skin stretching, my body storing weight in specific places to keep the babies safe and healthy. Who in the world decided to make pregnancy body or after-pregnancy body ugly?!? It makes sense that it is beautiful! I mean it's evidence that YOUR body brought life into the world! Praise God!

I want to now embrace my new stretch marks, my now larger then normal hips, my huge belly and probably later loose skin because it is proof that God used me to bring two beautiful creatures into this world! Besides, my husband LOVES the weight gain, he honestly doesn't mind the stretch marks, and my larger hips are an extra bonus ;)!

Thank you Father that you have developed my body the way you have! God may you be completely glorified in every way! May I remember this change of perspective and give You praise instead of complaining that I don't meet the "perfect body" label during or after pregnancy. The world always has their perspective wrong. how is this any different?!

Oh I got my "Little Pim" videos in French for my kids! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I have already watched them all.... twice! Haha I made my husband and close friends watch them with me. :) What great people I have around me :) Thanks God!

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