Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Ten: Dreams and Visions

This counting the weeks thing is killing me. It seems so much longer when you count week-by-week. I am ... two weeks... away from my second trimester and can't wait! I hear that is the best part of the whole pregnancy.
We are collecting baby stuff already from generous friends and family. God is so good and He hears our prayers (Azaniah). Funny story: so I have been craving things... surprise I know... but have been eating really unhealthy. So I went to the food shelf the other day and on my way there I am thinking of the food I really want to get (whole grain bread that doesn't taste nasty, super crunchy peanut butter thats natural, pickles, something to drink other then water). I went into the food shelf place and there in the little back room is whole grain bread, Skippy's natural peanut butter, dill pickle spears, and tea with vitamins! I praised God all the way home and praise Him every time I eat them!! It's another small story that shows hows great God is and that He cares even about the smallest details in our lives. :)
I had a dream last night that I went into a doctor's office and got an ultrasound. There were three full grown babies floating around in my stomach (they looked like dolls), and then my two little babies (still looking like squid) kicking up a storm! I kept asking the nurse... "Are you sure ALL those are mine? All those babies are going to be mine?!?" I also had a strange dream a while ago that took place at a chariot racing arena. It was dark and musty and the people were loud and carnal. There were pairs of mice running around with carts of boiling oil following them. This guy picked up a cart and the mice fell into their own oil and then he threw them into the womans bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, the walls were covered in smeared poop (kinda like the rainbow bathrooms in the back of the store on arcade street)!!
Alex and I have been working on a list of things we want to train our children in. Each point has Bible verses to back it up of course. We want them to fear God above all things. We want them to understand that they don't just do things because that is what they are taught, but because it pleases God. They obey us, because God said to. They are content with what they have because the Bible says to be. We want them to question the ways that they take and the decisions that they make. Not necessarily to question us, but to question why they have to do something so that they understand they follow God only. I want them to be equipped to say "no" to authorities if what the authorities say goes against the Word of God. I want Yahweh to come before ALL else in their lives: money, marriage, schooling, you name it. As this world gets darker and darker, we need to be more and more sanctified (set apart) and not weak. This is our vision for our family.

Physical Changes: Dizzy, exhausted, and I believe I am fighting two infections, plus some throat, nose thing. Also I wake up EVERYNIGHT at exactly 4:30am and am awake until 6:30am (when my husband leaves for work). I usually spend that time praying, tossing and turning, and trying to fall back asleep. Blackouts happen more often then not. I can't go from sitting to standing without wanting to fall over. I feel lazy, weak, and well... lazy. Spending LOTS of time at the feet of Jesus, taking in all that He has for me to learn during this time of being Martha.

TO MY Babies: I love you guys and I am praying that God reveal your calling in life to me that I may encourage you in the Word of God and equip you the best that I can as your mother. I know you look like squids right now, but I want so badly for you to come out and to be in my arms. I want to kiss you, smell you, touch you, hold you, sing to you, speak French to you :), pray over you, and watch you grow.

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