Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In The Reign Of Terror Review

We LOVE our Sabbath mornings and afternoons. :) We sleep until the sun has long come up, we make our way downstairs still wrapped in our blankets, we get cups of got coffee and snuggle up on the couch for a day of REST! One of our favorite activities to do on our Sabbaths is to listen to audio books. 

We have many favorite audio stories that we listen to over and over again, but we had the privilege of adding to our library In The Reign of Terror created by Heirloom Audio Productions! We were able to spend several Sabbath days lost in the time of the French Revolution with a 16-year old named Harry. 

I found it ironic that the opening scene of this audio drama compared and contrasted the American Revolution  I mean America's War of Independence (young Harry is corrected when referring to the American Revolution since the American's did not revolt like an angry mob, but sought for freedom and tyranny.) to the French Revolution and how America turned to God in their hours of turmoil, whereas France turned from God. Why was this ironic and absolutely delightful?!? Our family has been studying America's War of Independence for the last several months! It was so fresh in our minds that we were eager to begin this series with the contrasts sparking in our brains!!

Anyways, we were lost with Harry in France living with a noble family at the time whose members include M. and Mlle. Marquis (Father and Grandmother), a 15-year old young man named Ernest and three girls names Jules, Jeanne, Marie, and the youngest boy named Virginie as well as a dog named Achilles (whom provides and interesting nerve-wracking twist early on in our adventure). We get to know these characters very well as time progresses since the upheaval in France has required this family be executed simply because they are noble. 

Harry proves himself over and over again to the Marquis laying down his life to save theirs. I don't want to give away too much of the plot!! Let's just say this audio drama book keeps you on the edge of your seat, but does have moments of normal life in France at that time which is refreshing.

We get to see this family pray begging God for His grace and deliverance for their family as well as for their country. Their faith, their boldness, and their unwavering love for one another is inspiring! Through the tragedies and the times of celebration, we see real people facing real events and get the opportunity to discuss these scenarios. 

In The Reign of Terror is PACKED full of so much more then just a story or just an audio book! The French language and accents flood our minds keeping them engaged and soaking up cultural diversity minute by minute. The history subtly embeds itself in our memory as were swept away in adventure.

AND www.livetheadventureclub.com is an incredible and almost necessary resource for further application and study from this informative audio drama! It offers access to the full read-along script for the entire audio book, a quiz for the end of each chapter, a study guide for each chapter that allows you to discuss culture, character, geography, history, science, and so much more! Once you sign up for this website, you are able to even stream the audio book right from the website. Coloring pages, word searches, other fun activities, and a community board are available as well. 

We would pause In The Reign of Terror while listening and answer the questions from the chapter quiz out loud as a family seeing who could remember the most from what we just listened to. It was a blast and VERY educational. 

If your family loves audio books, or have never tried them before, please add this one to your home library!

Whether for your family Sabbath morning, or as part of your school studies, I more then recommend In The Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions! Exciting, fun, and educational beyond belief. One you can (and have to!) listen to over and over again. Read more reviews about this products by clicking on the banner below :)


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