Friday, July 15, 2016

Gardening Update: Collards and Kale Galore!

What a thrill our gardening project has been!

It's been quite a bit of work, but so rewarding so far!
So much so we're already planning next years crops!!

My little sister just had her baby (Jedediah Scott), so my husband and I have taken over caring for the garden until Mariah recovers and she's able to join me again. 

My little sister "gardening" :) This was the week she had her baby.

Alex and I just went through all the ripe crops and harvests several zucchinis as well as a RIDICULOUS amount of Collard Greens and Kale. 

The day Alex and I harvested these we PACKED 4 Trader Joe's bags full, went home and spent a few hours washing, chopping, and freezing the leaves to cook for African Collard Greens later. We filled the entire top shelf of my standing freezer with fresh produce. We also shredded the zucchini so I can use it for breads and baked goods, and chopped the kale for soups for the winter. 

Our tomatoes are full and bearing lots of fruit. 

Our Bell Peppers seemed to be struggling a lot, but there are a few peppers growing that we can see.

Here's our tomatoes, collards, and kale

Mom's potato plants are HUGE. We actually planted these as a joke for mom, but they're flourishing!

Our kidney beans have little green bean pods beginning to grow. 

On the right is our cucumbers, zucchinis, kidney beans.

Our Cucumbers average 1-2 feet long! We're looking into how to can these since well need to harvest them soon!

This cucumber grew through our fencing. Half on one side, half on the other.

Our hot pepper plants have just started bearing fruit.

The kids have had endless hours of jumping through the sprinkler and lounging in their pool while we tend to the garden. The weeding at this point requires hoes and man power, so they're isn't much to do for them.

My step-dad bought this pool for the kids. I recently found out on really hot days he sets up his "pool chair" and wades in it and waves to traffic... lol!

 I recently found out that a friend of mine is selling 250 canning jars for $40! We'll be purchasing these and then some new lids and such so that we can get ready to make a ridiculous amount of tomato sauce and tomato paste for soups and sauces for the rest of the year. 

The kids have learned a lot about seeds and plants. Alecia continues to ask me, "Mom. Remember when I found that kidney bean in the garden and it had a plant starting to grow out of it?!? That was so cool!" 

I'm really loving our garden and the whole gardening experience. 
I told my husband when we decide to sell our home and buy a new one, a large yard with sunlight is a requirement so that I can have a huge garden every year. 

I'll continue to post as my tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers begin to ripen!

Alex and I were discussing how easy we have it here in America. We don't have to rely on ourselves to grow food to survive the year. We have the convenience of just going to the grocery store. However, we miss out on how rewarding it is to work with your hands and GROW food. It's so thrilling! I love it! I feel like I am doing something so great for my family by stocking my freezer with fresh produce.

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  1. So AWESOME!!! Praise the Lord. Oh the teaching moment's the Lord provides day in & day out... Thank You Heavenly Father fie Your provisions, amen.<3 y'all Familia!!!