Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When It Gets A Bit Overwhelming, Just Remember...

My little sister came over this week and we walked to Starbucks with all my kids. She just looked at me and said, "Man you're crazy! I tell all my friends how you are only 23 and have all these kids. But, you kind of make me want to go out and adopt 6 kids! You make it look so fun!" 

Having 4 children ages 3 and under (the oldest just turned 3 a few days ago) CAN get a bit overwhelming at times. Motherhood with any number of children and circumstances can get overwhelming. 

For example:
I set my alarm for 8am, 
but snoozed until 8:20am 
because I spent all night soothing a baby through gas pains.
With a hungry baby in one hand 
and my ground coffee beans in the other, 
I hear the patterning of little feet coming down the hall.
I calmingly and patiently tell all my children to go back into their rooms, 
grab books, and spend some quiet time on their beds 
while I do my devotions.
After my devotions and a 30 minute nursing session,  
I feel equipped for the chaos to begin....

The days then proceeds with:
spilled milk and cereal all over the floor,
lost blankies,
stolen toys,
duplos all over the living room,
clothes ripped out of dresser drawers all over the floor,
piles of laundry mocking me,
fruit flies swirling around my dirty dishes,
school work that still needs to be done,
and the newborn is screaming, "MOM! Change me AGAIN! Has it been three hours??!? I am hungry! Oh, and I want you to hold me every. waking. moment. of. the. day.!!!"

Since having kids, I have really beat down my flesh in the area of getting overwhelmed (NOT that I have it all together, but I have improved).
I simply remember what being a mother is REALLY about:

It's about making your kids feel safe and loved.
It's about laughing with them.
It's about finding joy in the toys all over the floor.
It's about holding up the little dirty onsies and smiling becuase you remember your baby wearing it the other day.
It's about laying in the piles of laundry with your kids tickling them.
It's about putting your hands on top of their little hands as you teach them to sweep the kitchen floor.
It's about making cookies and agree to just eat the dough instead of baking the cookies.
It's about joining your little one in coloring all over the kitchen floor with a WASHABLE maker.
It's about watching Peter Pan for the 800th time and reciting the lines with your kids.

Yes, I know the shirt was intended for a newborn... Ahavah didn't quite make it to the bathroom and we were not at home. All I had in the diaper bag was this outfit for Elias. I couldn't pass up taking a picture... this will be going in her wedding slide show one day :)

Still cute enough to make a newborn outfit look good!

After all, 
who remembers all the dishes they've washed??
Who remembers all the rice grains they've swept off the floor??


who remembers all the laughing and playing in the bubbles while washing the dishes??
Who remembers the jokes, tickles, loving instruction and guidance from their mom?

On the flip side, 
who remembers their mom being 
too busy,
too angry,
too exhausted,
to even approach??

The girls in their new birthday outfits from their Aunty Alyssa.

I'm Just Saying... When it gets a bit overwhelming, Just Remember...
What being a Mother is REALLY all about.

In all truth, I STILL want at least two more kids.
The joys and blessings just so outweigh the hardships of parenting.

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  1. Hey man! I texted you a couple times this week! I miss you! Thanks for the encouragement!