Monday, May 20, 2013

28 Weeks Update

Unfortunately, we not only don't have internet, but we also don't have a computer...
The Geek Squad is taking care of it. 

So there will be no pictures on this post of my ginormous belly...

Baby is measuring 2 1/2-3 1/2 weeks bigger then he is supposed to. 
Which doesn't work in my favor considering I usually go 3-4 weeks early when the baby is normal size.

I am due August 11th.

I have not had many braxton hicks contractions yet (which is not normal, but a good sign).
My feet and legs just HURT though. The weight of this baby is taking it's tole on me. 
I am weighing in at about 165lbs which means I have gained (135-165=30) 30lbs so far. I guess I am looking at at least another 10-15lbs this trimester... :(

My shoulders and lower back hurt quite a bit. 
Also I am SO SO SO SLEEPY with this baby. 
Maybe because it's a boy? Or because I have three kids 2 and under at home??

Well, my husband is amazing :)
He helps with the cleaning and is great with the kids. He massages my back and legs. 
He rocks :)

I am not going in for another appointment until I am about 30 weeks or so... mostly because I am a rebel against that terrible glucose test that they give you. They do it between 24-28 weeks, so I won't go to any appointments from 22-30 weeks... bad I know... but hey...

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