Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Watching You Wizowski... Always Watching

Have you ever seen Monster's Inc? I have not let the girls watch it yet because I think it would scare them.  They already think there are puppies in their closet, I don't need them thinking there's monsters in there too. But I love when the ugly looking monster says to Mike Wizowski, "I'm watching you Wizowski... always watching."

As the girls get older I am really shocked at how much they really are watching me. 

They started calling my husband, "Honey!" or "Babe!" because I call him that.
They started calling me "Cassie!" because my husband calls me that. 

**We don't let them call us this by the way. It's just funny to hear them say it!**

But what really hit me was when Alecia and I were playing. I think we were playing "Peak a Boo." I covered my eyes and then revealed them to her again saying, "Coo Coo! (Peak a Book in French)." She grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes for about 30 seconds. Then she smiled and said, "Shee Shee (Their way of saying "Alecia")!" and pointed to my eye ball! It took me a minute, but then it hit me!

She sees herself in the reflection on my eye!

The Lord began ministering to me for days showing me that how I talk to them, what I say to them, how I respond to them all are showing them who they are to me. They are seeing themselves in my eyes!

This has given me tremendous much more patience and compassion toward them the past week.

 Also, just looking at their little eyes, little feet, little hands. I think, "Man, those eyes will see a lot of fearful things. Those feet will travel to many places. Those hands will work hard their whole life!" I just wanted to hold them and look them in the eyes and tell them, "I love you. With me, you are safe and you are loved."

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