Thursday, May 17, 2018

Raw Milk

There's NOTHING like a fresh cup of coffee with some grass-fed, organic, raw cream that you skimmed off your jar of raw milk that was just milked the day before.

The screaming, whining, and chaos just fades away and you're lost in creamy, hot, caffeinated bliss.

There's also nothing like fresh baked bread with a slab of raw butter on it! OMG!!!

Fresh whipped cream
Home made raw milk butter
Raw milk kefir
Raw milk yogurt
Sourdough pancakes that soaked in raw buttermilk all night
or just a glass of mustache-worthy cold milk

Our family is so hooked we recently went a few days without our raw milk and CRAVED IT! 

We go the distance to provide this healing food for our family.
We live in the city and can't/don't own our own dairy cow and the stores in our state don't offer raw milk.
We have to travel to a farm every couple weeks and stock up.

It's well worth it.

For taste.
For health.
For the sake of my kids teeth (which we are praying begin to heal!!).

Even while pregnant and breastfeeding I noticed a HUGE difference!
My milk supply was insane.
My hormone levels were not erratic.
My energy levels are actually higher then I ever remember them being. 

Raw milk is a "scary thing" for reasons unknown to me. If the farmers have a clean environment, healthy cows, then it's the most glorious, nutritious food that our family absolutely makes our budget revolve around!

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