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Conceal and Carry while Parenting

I don't know if you knew this about my husband and I, but we both are conceal and carry permit holders, have been for years, and carry our guns almost every time we leave the house. We go shooting usually a minimum of 1-2 times a month. We plan on teaching all our kids how to shoot guns and all about gun safety and pray that they grow up to also be American citizens that take advantage of this wonderful right we have!

I wanted to write a quick post about what I've learned about concealing and carrying a gun while being a parent. 

(1) Safety: 

ALWAYS keep your gun locked up or on your person. 

I don't carry with a bullet in the chamber, this just adds another safety step. 

Always treat a gun as if it's loaded. 

Teach your kids that guns are NOT toys and are NEVER to be touched (at least until they're older and you've taught them appropriate gun safety.)

(2) Teach Your Kids: 
Ask any of my kids what guns are for and they'll tell you 

"Guns are to save lives, not take them." 

My kids know I carry and will ask why. I explain it's to protect them and others. My kids have seen me clean my gun and have seen their dad shoot guns before. We don't shun our kids from seeing that we carry, but use the opportunities to teach them the important responsibility that comes with taking advantage of this right that our forefathers fought for!

Teach your kids what an amazing history our country has!
Teach them about the difference between countries that allow citizens to arm themselves and countries that do not.
Teach them the value of life. 
Instill in them a sense of responsibility and respect for the opportunity to carry.

(3) Holsters that Work for Motherhood and Pregnancy:


I only go to our door ranges to shoot while pregnant (if I go to ranges much at all during that time), but I DO carry! Do you think that a pregnant woman with another child on her hip does not appear to be a favorable target?!

Not this pregnant lady...

I've tried many holsters and even TRIED contacting some companies if they would send me some holsters to review for this blog post, but none replied, so I will share with you what I currently have and use. 

Ankle Holster
Outfit: Long pants, long skirt

Price and Brand: $10.99, Yosoo

Pros: comfortable, allows for full mobility, very secure and able to run without fear of gun slipping

Cons: takes practice and extra steps to draw from (lifting clothing, unlatching gun, then drawing)

*This is my go-to holster in the summer when I wear a long skirt, it's a little warmer fabric, but its not as warm as other holsters. It allows me to be able to still walk, run, carry kids and lots of items. I am completely confident my gun will not fall out. This is also a great holster when pregnant since it doesn't restrict your growing belly at all.

I purchased mine here:

Conceals very well as you can see.

Compression Shorts
Outfit: loose shirts or loose over shirt/jacket

Price and Brand: $40-$50 Gray Stone 

Pros: EXTREMELY comfortable carry. You forget your gun is there. Doesn't get in the way when carrying kids. Has two pockets for ambidextrous carry or holding other items. 

Cons: I have a small midsection and the shorts come very high causing my gun to sit completely above my pant line. They also cause my stomach to have fat beauty rolls which I thought they would help with. This isn't a big deal if you have a sweatshirt on. Also, the unholstering process takes the extra step of lifting a piece of clothing and reaching behind you.

*I love to use this holster when I want to wear a sweat shirt or an overcoat and want to be comfortable. I also use this holster through my first trimester of pregnancy since it's so comfortable

I purchased min here:

Thigh Holster
Outfit: Short skirts or dresses

Price and Brand: $30 Gals with guns

Pros: Comfortable, easy draw, great concealment, not in the way when carrying children or groceries

Cons: Can feel like it's going to fall off and actually did slip off once! (However, you can purchase a belt that connects to this holster to ensure it stays up. I use this piece for my ""bootlegged midsection holder" see this link). 

*I used this holster for most of my pregnancy until it got uncomfortable for my big belly. This is usually my "go-to" holster most of the summer when wearing knee length dresses or skirts.

I purchased mine here:

Crotch Holster
Outfit: Anything with a "pant line" - skirts, pants ect.

Brand and Price: $40-$60 DTOM

Pros: Allows you to be very mobile without fear of gun slipping or falling. Allows you to carry kids and items in your arms without concern. Has two pockets so you can hold your gun, an extra magazine, your license and cards, your cell phone, or a knife. 

Cons: Can be uncomfortable when sitting sometimes, especially when you have a second magazine in the other pocket. Can't be used too far into pregnancy. 

*This was my first holster and still on of my favorites! 

Here's mine:

Bootlegged Midsection Holster

Outfit: Two layered outfit with a loose over shirt 

Pros: Comfortable, allows for increased mobility

Cons: Not very comfortable to carry kids with, not a real holster, but similar to what I think this legitiment holster like this would be like ;)

Flash Bang Bra Holster

Outfit: Any type of shirt - not a dress

Pros: Conceals well

Cons: For me, very uncomfortable. I thought it would be one of my favorite holsters and I was VERY wrong. I returned it after a few days of wearing it. I also feel like it wore on my bra band quite a bit. I ended up returning this item after trying it for a week.

(4) PRACTICE: You need to practice! Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.
Practice with an unloaded gun drawing from your holsters.
Practice what you'd do if someone broke in the house. 
Practice when holding a baby in your arms and groceries in the other hand.
Practice speed draws and accuracy.
If you're able, practice in high adrenaline scenarios (I've never done this but would LOVE to)

I definitely don't get ENOUGH practice. I don't know that ANYONE really does get enough practice. 

(5) Please Join the NRA: Even though finances are tight, the NRA is one of the roganizations we join to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. 

If you have any questions about concealing and carrying as a parent please contact me privately or write in the comments below. :)

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