Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lamplighters : The Secret Bridge Review

Adventures of faith. True, Biblical romance. Danger. Fear. Courage. Trails. As a homeschooling parent, we want our kids to fall in LOVE with reading. We want to open them up to the world of books with all the adventures to be had and lessons to be learned between the two binders of a piece of literature. We want them to grow in character and wisdom as they delve into stories they can or cannot relate to. But finding sound, Biblical, and captivating literature can be a terrible feat!

Lamplighter Publishing has done all the work for us! I was completely engulfed as I worked through their book "The Secret Bridge." So much so I even skipped my nightly Netflix watching just to read one more chapter... that always turned into 4 more chapters.

When I opened the package my book came in, I gasped and ran my fingers across the cover of the book. It's this breathtaking light blue with gold embossing. Just the cover alone makes you want to hold the book in your hands.

I started reading it out loud to my kids and it's an older form of language so there was a LOT of explaining going on. I would say possibly age 9-12 could read this independently. The first night we started I thought to myself, "I better read ahead just in case there's something I don't want them exposed to..."

That was secretly my excuse to keep reading!

Needless to say, I got lost in the story of the young girl Bridget who traveled to an unknown land and marries a "pretty much" complete stranger. She has no relatives (that she is aware of) and when her husband leaves abroad due to his vocation as a sailor the day of their wedding, she gets to know some people around the town she's occupying. Her husband asked her to keep their marriage a secret since there turns out to be far more controversy then she was aware of surrounding her husband's, Mr. Bullingham, future. Bridget finds herself needing to keep several secrets from those she loves and it's eating her up!

She knows from the beginning of her journey that she is longing to acquaint herself with God, but doesn't know how. A man in their town spurs her desire and she dives into her Bible in her excessive down time. She slowly, over the course of the book, develops a relationship with Jesus Christ that starts to mold in her a set of convictions and a desire for restitution in her town and in her family.

The beautiful analogies of her husband, once a stranger to her, but after having read his letters for some time they have fallen in love portray a Christian's relationship with Jesus through reading His Word. Upon her husbands return, Bridget realizes just how much she needs Jesus to inhabit every area of her life and she desire for her husband to know Him just as intimately as she does.

Lamplighter Publishing is a company I had never heard of until I read this book. Their goal is to build "Christlike character one story at a time". Thier publishing began in 1994 and is now a collection of currently 142 books that are infused with scripture, moral characters, and heroic tales. The boos they carry were written centuries back when literature was meaningful, historically accurate, and Biblically influenced. The Secret Bridge, for example was written in 1899. They also have a "theater" that creates beautiful, intense, dramatized audio productions of a few of their books. We have been tuning into the free weekly broadcast for the last month as well as purchased a couple of these boos for our home library. 

I was so enthralled with this book I couldn't help but talking about it and several of my friends have purchased some of their books (okay, a LOT of their books) in the time span of my reading and reviewing "The Secret Bridge". Every day since reading this book I too have plotted and planned how I can collect the entire library.

They have several "Book and Audio Club" options that you can become a part of and pay a fixed amount per month for a set number of books or audio productions that you will receive on the day you select every month. After a bit of persuasion, my husband agreed to letting us try it out for a few months as well as purchasing a few more books from their booth at the recent MACHE conference!! Look at these beautiful books:

Can you imagine just shelves full of these beautifully binded, wholesome, scripture filled story books accessible to any and all that want to check one out?

So my collection has started! The Secret Bridge made me fall in love with Lamplighters Publishing and the more I read the more I love their books!


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  1. Ohhh sounds entertaining☺☺☺☺☺☺ I don't like Reding that much unless its my Bible but this sounds really fun