Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Been A Minute

It's Been A Minute. (That's ebonics for it's been a while).

We moved into our new home!

It's Big. It's Wonderful. It's a HUGE Blessing.

We have a kitchen table... that's so nice!
We have 4 bedrooms... so, so nice!
We have 1,700 sq feet... so, so, so nice!!
We have clothes lines... again... so nice!
We have our own washer/dryer... word's can't express!

The neighborhood is quite eccentric. Every racial spectrum. Every people-type. Suburban. Hood. Country. Eastern. You Name It. All. Needing. Jesus.!!

We aren't a quiet family. We have embraced that. And use it for God's Glory... or at least we try to. 

So we have met almost ALL our neighbors within the first day we lived here. :) Sharing the love that Jesus has put in our hearts. Simply sharing that love. Praying for people. Telling them how blessed we are. Praying for a way to fix that neighbor's roof before winter. Praying for a way to speak truth and freedom into the neighbors enslaved with drugs and alcohol. 

So we are sitting on our NEW ( to us...) dining room table (Can you tell I am so excited about this table?!?), eating Gluten-Free Coffee Cake that my dear friend took home and baked last night and left on my front porch this morning (yes, I was afraid when my gas stove turned on... I've never had one before) reflecting on the last two weeks of moving and worshipping and praising our Great God

Every day since we've been here someone has been over. My dad, step-mom, and brother were her for a few days, we had other random people over everyday, and my sister just moved in. A house filled with people, ministry, and the love of Christ is everything I've ever wanted! Cooking BIG meals to feed whomever comes through that night. Baking cakes, cupcakes, breads, and muffins to feed whomever comes through that morning and afternoon. Now that we're in Saint Paul, we have been driving down the streets picking up a brother that has been back-sliding and deep into meth and other drugs and pulling him out of his friends homes and just having him tag along with us. Praying he misses the fellowship with Jesus he once had and comes back to him. 

That's what I'm MOST excited about!!!! 
Filling this home, this neighborhood, this city with the simple love and prayers of a little home maker and her four children. 

So I climb onto my roof with my Bible and  my guitar.
I pray over each house. 
I sing God's praises over the houses.
Over the Families. 
Over the City. 
God! Come fill this place with Your Spirit! Bring revival here! Please Lord! We NEED You!!

***Pictures to Come***
Once I find my card reader... :)
It's in a box... somewhere... hopefully...

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