Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some Thoughts On Motherhood... and How Much I Fail At It...

Someone has been watching my kids for the last few days so I can get some rest, clean my house, and prepare for my son to come into the world. I have been reflecting on the last few weeks and my role as a mother. I always like to check myself once and a while and make sure I still have the correct perspective and attitude toward the children God has blessed me with. Here are some things I have been meditating on and am reminded of when it comes to motherhood:

  • While dad is the leader in the house, mother sets the tone. The hours her children spend in her presence will have a lasting influence on their lives. 
  • When a woman resists the will of her husband, it weakens his self-respect, discourages him from taking the leadership role in the family, and destroys the order of authority God established for the home. But if a child knows beyond all doubt that dad is the head of the house, that mom speaks for dad, and that dad’s authority backs up what she says, he will be more apt to obey and will have more love and respect for both his parents.
  • A child needs someone near him who loves him more than the house, whose heart is bubbling with the joy of Jesus Christ, who displays an inner calmness even during the trying circumstances of daily living, someone who is patient and kind, who encourages and cheers. Mother, the Spirit of God can make you that kind of person. Flee to his presence often during the day and claim his wisdom and strength.
  • Then spend time with your children. Read to them. Teach them the Word of God. Take casual walks with them, pointing out interesting things along the way. Play games with them. Create challenging things for them to do. Take an interest in their projects. Be available when they need you. And like the Spirit of God, be sympathetic and compassionate. Your children will someday stand up and praise you for it.

    Oh Lord, forgive me for my selfishness. I have been short and snippy with my kids lately demanding them to leave me alone because I don't feel good. Forgive me and fill me again with your joy in mothering. Fill me with Your peace that doesn't go away in tough situations. Fill me with Your compassion and Your patience. You have all these things toward me. Please fill me with Your Spirit. I want to represent You to my children. I want to show them the same love, mercy, grace, patience, compassion and care that You have always shown me. 

    Ahavah and Alecia


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  1. Your blog and your attitude and your faith is such a blessing to me. I just want you to know that.