Monday, May 20, 2013

Allergy Update

We got the twins allergy tested.
I guess it was for the 30 most common allergies (corn, wheat, gluten, fish, nuts, peanuts, eggs...ect).
IT came back NEGATIVE.

Which is good! 
So it's either a sensitivity they have or something else...??

We are sticking to no gluten for another week and then we will reintroduce it and see how they do.
Otherwise, if things don't get better, we are going to try to take them to a naturopath and see if they can be tested for sensitivities or other things.

But I must say we all feel so much better getting off gluten. 
We have been eating rice, quinoa, potatoes and sweet potatoes as our starches. 
It's been challenging, but I like challenges for the most part. 

Also I was reading an article today on about wheat and how they Genetically Modify it and they are finding it messes with human genes!!! Yikes!! This could be ANY Genetically Modified foods guys!
Also the government wants to make it illegal to sell seeds that are not regulated by them!
This will turn into the government controlling the food supply eventually. 
Scary stuff people.

Pray Jesus comes back.
Stock up on seeds.
Eat organically (as much as possible)

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