Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Remedies: Yeast Infection, Thrush, UTI, Ear Infections

We have been the family of infections lately. 
And you know me, I love to do research and try different alternative methods to treat things without having to run to antibiotics (which do so much harm in the long run).
So here are my finding and personal experiences!!


Yeast Infection (Vaginal)
Yes, this is a yucky topic, so if you're a dude, you can tune out for a minute. 

Garlic is yeasts enemy. I took a garlic clove, some string and a sewing needle and made myself a "garlic tampon." Depending on when you start treating the yeast infection, you may need to peel the outer skin of the clove off to make the garlic stronger. After two nights of sleeping with this in, the itching and burning was gone. I continued for another three nights just to be sure the infection was cleared up.

Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil: Take 1/4c extra virgin coconut oil and about 10 drops of tea tree oil and combine them. Place them in some sort of tupperware or container and place this next to your toilet. At least 3 times a day (or whenever you feel itching or burning) place this mixture on just as you would Monstat Cream. It has a pleasant cooling affect that relieves the pain as well as great anti-bacterial properties that help fight the yeast. I would continue to use this until you have used the whole 1/4c.

Yogurt: I have heard, but not tried this. Plain yogurt can be used just like Monstat cream inside and outside of the vagina and the active cultures are supposed to kill of yeast.

Probiotics: Seriously great for fighting any illness in my opinion. Restores the natural bacteria in your gut and body.

Thrush is a yeast infection on your nipples or in your nursing babies mouth. Your nipples would turn bright pink and crack and possibly bleed. Your babies mouth will have white patches that look like they can be wiped off, but they can't. Also, your baby will be more gassy and fussy at the breast then usual. 

Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil: The same concoction used above can be applied after every time you nurse. It provides relief to sore nipples and kills off the yeast. After about a week of using this, you should notice a difference and feel a lot better. This is totally safe for your baby and you don't need to worry about washing it off your nipple before the next feeding.

Yogurt: Again, I have not tried this, but you can rub plain yogurt on your nipple about 5 minutes before you nurse and let it sit. While your waiting, run some inside the babies mouth and let them taste it and move it around in their mouth. Nurse without washing the yogurt off your nipple. Repeat this after you're finished nursing. Do this whole routine every feeding period. 

Probiotics: Again, great to use on a daily basis even when not ill. You can get some infant probiotics or regular probiotics to put your kidos on also.

**It is important to note that yeast feeds off the following foods and results will be much more noticeable if you avoid these foods while self treating for yeast infections: SUGAR, CARB (especially white, processed carbs), CAFFEINE, ALCHOL, CHEESE, FERMENTED FOODS**

I believe my daughter Ahavah had a UTI a few days ago. She would whine and complain about having to pee every 10 - 20 minutes and would just sit on the potty squirming around, but not pee. I asked her "Do you have an owie?" She would say "Yeah." Then I asked, "Where is your owie?" She would point to her peepee :(

Cranberry Juice: I got some pure cranberry juice by 

R.W. Knudsen Family called "Just Cranberry Juice". I mixed it with some Apple Juice (however I have heard it's better to mix with grape juice when treating a UTI) and gave it to her 2ce a day. Probably like 4-6oz twice a day of pure cranberry juice.

 D-mannose: This i used from a capsule form and simply put it in some Apple sauce and fed it to her. This also is supposed to prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary track. I did this only once when treating my daughter. However, if I hadn't of caught the infection as early as I did, I would have given at least one capsule to her every day until it cleared up. 

Ear Infections
I never have worried about ear infections in my kids really. In fact, I didn't think my twins ever got any because I never brought them in to get checked out! There has been a few times I suspected ear infections and treated as follows:

Breast Milk: I have tried this and seemed to have success with it, but it's hard to tell without a stethoscope to look into the babies ear. Before every feeding I simply squirt some milk into the babies ear and let it sit in there while she nursed. When she switched sides, I did it in the other ear. I would do this for a week just to be sure it's gone.

Garlic and Olive Oil: Garlic is great against infections. Olive oil puts pressure against the ear drum and gives some relief to the pain. Use raw garlic and put some in a food processor with some olive oil. Then place in a small container and let it sit over night. In the morning, strain or pick out the garlic chunks. Use the oil to drip in the child's infected ear 3-5 times a day for about a week I would say, just to be safe.


I am by no means certified in any of this stuff. I just have a few sources that I go to with questions and LOVE to study how food and supplements, herbs and extracts work in our bodies! 

Do you have any remedies for yeast infections, thrush, UTI's, or ear infections that you have found work??


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