Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We started our trip on Mt. Gerizim where the Samaritan’s claim their holy place to be. In case you don’t remember, in Biblical times the Jews and Samaritans didn’t get along very well due to their differing beliefs. The Jews consider Jerusalem their Holy Site and the Samaritans this mount. Today there isn’t so much of a conflict between the two; however, the Samaritans are the only “Jews” that still sacrifice animals on the Passover.

Mt. Gerizim and Shechem

An Israeli Officer

Some Wild Life

Samaritan Temple

A Layout of our view from this spot
 On Mount Ebal there was an alter that was found on the opposite side of what we were looking at. In this tel, there was a signet ring found from the pharaoh named Talmud II (the pharaoh of the Exodus).

One of Many Olive Trees

Our Group 

A Description of What Was Behind Our Group
 This road that is in the previous two pictures was used several of times for the Jews to return to Shechem. Now it is under the control of the Palestinians and no Jews are allowed to travel on it. If you do your history, many of cool events happened here including the 6 day war.

 We then went to Shiloh which is the most holy of holy sites. As tourists, we put a lot of emphasis on Jerusalem. However this is the place were worship started. This is where the tribes gathered to apportion their land after conquering it. During the time of judges, the Ark of Covenant and tabernacle were located here. Hannah prayed to receive Samuel here.

An Almond Tree In Shiloh

Path Leading to Shiloh

Where the Israelites would Gather to Look Upon the Sacrifice and Break Their Dishes After Eating. There are many pot shards here.

Two Hotel Pictures
This was in the entry way of our first hotel in Ariel. A suicide bomber triggered his bomb to explode here. 

This is looking out over Nazareth from our hotel window the second night.

We are feeling good, a little sore, but really pumped to be here! Everyday just gets better and better. I already want to come back in two years!

We got to skype our girls today! It was really great to see them :)

Until I write again,

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