Friday, January 21, 2011


Two days now without my babies... I am holding up... hardly! My biggest fear is that they will not remember me when they return. I have been reassured that they will, but naturally I am still worried.

During my down time on the couch healing, I have been seriously encouraged! Reading blogs of other mothers, listening to sermons, reading my Bible, talking and getting wisdom from some dear people to me, and spending time in prayer.

I feel spiritually built up and ready to go out and serve my heart out! Physically, however, I am still pretty sore. They pumped my stomach full of gas in order to get at my organs. Well that gas is still in there trying to find a way out. It's rather uncomfortable. It pushes it's way into the chest, neck, sides... it's strange. Thankfully my wonderful mother came over and gave me a massage. I feel so much better from that!

I just can't wait to hold my little girls again. I can't wait to get back to the normal jist of things. Tonight, when they come home, I will just snuggle with them and remind them how much I love them!

Still praying about what to do with the nursing... I haven't nursed in over a week now due to the amount of medicine I have been on. My doctor says that these narcotics are safe to nurse with, but I am just so uneasy about it... Lord, please give me discenrment on what to do!

Also praying that the Lord teaches me how to eat so that I can encourage my body to produce good hormones instead of bad ones.

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