Friday, January 21, 2011

My Girls Are Home!

My baby girls came home today! Oh, I missed them terribly! Praise God for Katie Karl to watch them for a few days. I am very thankful, but there is nothing like having them back in my arms! To tell you the truth, I kind of feel like a crappy mom. I can't hardly do anything with them. I can't change their diapers or play with them or carry them into their room. I can just talk to them and look at them and hold them for a short time.
This is us snuggling on the couch together about 30 minutes ago

They seem to remember me... they definitely remember their dad. He walks in the room and they are filled with excitement! They reach to grab his dreadlocks and put them in their mouths. When he pulls away, they start to fuss. I love it!
Alecia Grace

Ahavah Eden

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  1. Cassie,

    You are the furthest thing from a crappy mother! Those two little girls are soo blessed to have a mama like you!!!! Praying for a speedy recovery

    Love you,
    Sarah Rice