Sunday, August 15, 2010

33 weeks: Labor??

As of yesterday morning, I have been having contractions every 10 minutes. Today the contractions seem to be less then yesterday, but the nausea, menstrual cramp like feelings, and irritability are much worse. I also have a TON of pelvic pressure and random sharp (not excruciatingly sharp however) pains in my lower abdomen.

I tried taking a bath, walking around, do some cleaning, relaxing watching a movie, playing computer games or a board game with my sisters and nothing helps. Could this be real labor? Or is this just my body getting ready for labor?

Part of me doubts it's real labor becuase I read my lower back is supposed to hurt pretty bad and the contractions should be getting stronger. I have neither of these symptoms yet.

I called the nurse line last night and no one called back. I am just going to keep sticking it out here at home and keep cleaning. I have bags packed in case we need to go in to the hospital really quick. Also Alex let his boss know that we may need someone to cover him with very short notice.

We will see what happens... :)

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