Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Released From the Hospital!

They were going to send me home Monday morning, but from 6am ALL DAY LONG I had really bad cramps and some random strong contractions. They kept me on medicine, gave me an ultrasound, and kept me another night.

The ultrasound took 1hour and 45 minutes because the babies are so low they couldn't get a good measurement of their heads. Serious Ahava (Baby A) is right next to my cervix. I have pictures of it and everything. And Alecia (Baby B) is right next to her; their heads touch. I got a DVD of pictures and some video of their hearts beating.

So this morning they asked me if I wanted to go home or stay. I of course wanted to go home! So they gave me a million instructions, three prescriptions (Contractions, Antibiotics, Stool Softener) and put me on stric bed rest for the rest of this week. I am allowed to lay in bed/couch, wipe when i am done using the bathroom, and remove food from the refrigerator and eat it. I am also allowed to go outside as long as I am not alone, not standing, not in direct sunlight for a long periods, and don't take the stairs fast.

I very blessed to have the church family that I do! They already are taking care of dinners for Alex and I for as long as we need them (hopefully just a week). Tonight Tanya brought us over a delicious meal that stuck to the restrictions my husband has on the Maker's Diet!

Despite the fact that it is somewhat fun to be in a wheel chair when we go out somewhere, I am REALLY frustrated already! I am learning so much about myself and the habits/ self reliance that I have. I mean I came home, layed on the couch and picked out every imperfection in our apartment and was just angry that I couldn't get up and do anything about them... I am learning to trust and rely on Alex too. This is a VERY hard lesson. I always want to take things into my own hands (especially when it comes to shopping, cleaning, cooking, whatever).

I can see this is with out a question a time of preparation and growth. When I have kids, the house isn't going to always be neat and organized. When I need help, it's okay to be vulnerable and just ask for it.

Oh man, funny stories though! These drugs that they are giving me are crazy! My face is always red and looks like I am blushing. It's hot all the time too. But even more funny I hear and see things that are not there. For the past 5 hours I have been hearing Alex's phone ring nonstop! It's driving me insane!!! I also think people are knocking at the door. Oh and when I first got home, I was sitting on the couch looking at the TV (which was turned off) but hearing that it was clearly on! I had to get up and make sure both computers and all ipods were off. I swear! I was hearing a moving playing. The background music, the actor's voices... everything! I have really blurry vision and see random colorful spots in places too.

I get really drowsy and irritated on these drugs too. So God is teaching me so stinkin much! Another is to control my emotions even under unstable conditions.

Control. That's what it is. It's time to give it up Cassie. You got two girls on the way. Control is (never really was) no longer mine. I'm learning! :)

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