Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week Four

What’s going on today: Well we officially found out we were pregnant today. I actually knew a while back. The Lord told me when I was putting a young boy to sleep in my arms while there were many kids running around the room. I left to go to the bathroom and I asked the Lord, "IF I am to count on having a baby this month, please have that child still asleep on the floor." I went out to find the child sound asleep on the floor with a dozen other children running all around him. I also had three dreams about Mariah holding a baby boy. I took two tests on Sunday and they were faintly positive. Doubt crept in, but I felt the Lord say, "Cassie, who made those tests? Who made a symptom list? Do you really trust man over me?" Then I knew. He spoke very firmly to me, "You are pregnant." The doctor confirmed it of course.
Physical Changes: This past week or so, I have been really nauseous, and spotted when I ovulated. I have been hardly eating anything except Dill Pickle Chips. MY breasts are not tender yet, but I have frequent urination. Also, I have been really emotional, just wanting to cry. Other wise today just a little back pain and not a lot of apatite.

Whats going on today: Alex is so thrilled to be a dad! He just walks around smiling and lifting my shirt up and standing back to see how my belly has grown (which it hasn’t yet). He places his hand on my stomach and just smiles.
Today my baby is the size of a poppy seed. I guess these next six weeks are the most important to my baby’s health. Here I am eating pizza and Dill Pickle Chips. Well at least I am working out. I still and like shaking with excitement! I can’t believe it!
Physical Changes: Well today I am experiencing some lower back pain as well as a little spotting. I am not too worried about it. I guess when the baby implants itself, it breaks some blood vessels, hence the small amount of bleeding. I am really dizzy and light headed! I also feel like things are moving around in my stomach! Its so weird! Like it’s making space already. My stomach seems to be popping out a little more considering I have lost 6 pounds this last week from not wanting to eat really anything.

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