Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week Five: God Hears

So I made my first ultrasound appointment for February 17th. After seeking counsel, I was informed that doctors make unnecessary appointments often time just to get money out of you and your insurance company. With our insurance, we are going to have to pay 20% of everything, which is quite a bit if you ask me. So we are debating on keeping the ultrasound appointment, or canceling it and still meeting with a nurse. I would like the nurse to listen for a heartbeat instead of an ultrasound. Besides, my child is only the size of a sesame seed as of right now.
Alex is really excited! He keeps telling me I will be “one hott mama” and that he is so glad to have married me and have me as a mother for his children. We have been praying in a couch and chair for two weeks and now we were offered more furniture then we can fit into our living room! Praise God! He hears (Azaniah). God has heard us throughout this whole pregnancy so far, which is why I want to name our son Azaniah. Go heard me ask for confirmation about the baby, He heard our request for furniture, and I know He will continue to provide.
Physical Changes: Extremely dizzy and tired. I get nine hours of sleep and then force myself out of bed due to guilt only to sit on the couch with my Bible, and pass out again! Then come mid-afternoon I am ready for a two to three hour nap again! I feel really lazy and like I am gaining all that weight back. However, I am trying to exercise everyday. I wait until the dizziness subsides enough, then I force my body to move, squat, lift, crunch, only to be dizzy again afterwards. Nausea could be worse I think. After lunch time I usually don’t want to eat anything else during the day; I get nervous that my baby is going to starve, and I get really dizzy so I usually force down another meal and snack. I am also pretty emotional. Crying for no reason at all. Seriously! Just bursting into tears for no reason. My husband just holds me in his arms and tells me that he loves me.


  1. I think thats a beautiful name! A good strong name! God never does stop listening to those who sincerly seek him. I'm glad things are going well for you guys. Take care of yourself and continue your walk with the Lord.

  2. Wow- I remember sleeping a lot... enjoy it!! Rest now, its what your body needs and don't feel guilty because you're growing a BABY! Pretty soon you'll have a new born and then you'll never sleep again. ha ha

    That is an awesome name.