Saturday, February 24, 2018

My Beta Graduates :)

Our school years a little wonkey. We don't really have a start or stop time. We take November and December off as our "summer break". Once my kids finish a certain curriculum they simply move to the next one. 

We celebrated after a trip to the Science Museum with some sliced apples, home made whipped cream, and healthy home made chocolate syrup. The kids thought this was the BEST treat in the world! 

I love that we do this because my kids can work ahead,  take their time, grades don't restrain them, time doesn't pressure them, learning becomes fun and self-motivating.

Yesterday our beautiful 7-year-old twins graduated Math-U-See's Beta Program! Woo hoo!

They actually finished it in about 6 months AND we took a 2 month "winter break" in the middle of this time. 

Look at Ahavah's face!! :)

Alex and I are so proud of them and their endurance, hard work, and motivation to do their very best. 

The girls will be focusing on refining their speed in their math facts before we move onto Gamma by Math-U-See :)

Great Job Girls!!

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  1. That is so awesome. Congratulations Lil' Beauties. ✝💜💚💙😘🆒