Wednesday, May 24, 2017

GIVEAWAY & Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors REVIEW

Sometimes I dread art projects. Does that make me a bad mom? Does that make me a bad homeschool teacher? Maybe... The mess, the work, the spills, the stains, the clean up... it gets exhausting just thinking about it. However, I love the creativity the kids can have, the hours of healthy entertainment, the motivation for the kids to produce something from nothing... if only there was a way to make crafting easier... **CUE THE ATTENTION GRABBING POST-INTRODUCTION PHOTO THAT OFFERS AN INCREDIBLE SOLUTION TO THE ABOVE PREDICAMENT:

Our family had SO MUCH FUN trying out these Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Color solid tempera paint sticks by the Pencil Grip, Inc.! The kids loved being able to write words and letters and figures with ease using these sticks. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that they were so clean, take up little space, don't require water (which spills and mixes with other colors of paint), they're easy to use, and they dry fast!

These paint sticks work well on many different mediums too! Besides paper, they can paint on cardboard, wood and more. 

Here are some projects we did with these Thin Stix:

We were able to make cards for our friends and family. The pictures above were from a birthday card the kids made for their friend. 

I also had an "unschooling" day where I laid out all the craft stuff available. The kids immediately gravitated to the Thin Stix (which I was thankful for since the clean up was so much easier) as well as the construction paper and stickers.

The kids made their own story books! Yes that is my husband with dreadlocks and me pregnant in the above picture... sigh... I guess I'm forever viewed as pregnant to my kids. LOL!

Even Elias painted! Usually it is PULLING TEETH to get this kid to finish a coloring sheet! Even with traditional paints or water colors he doesn't ever sit and finish an entire drawing. 


Cool note about the Pencil Grip, Inc. ~ This company is known for their innovative and unique office, school and home supplies. This company started in 1992 with the invention of The Pencil Grip and now the company has expanded and offers hundreds of really cool products! I encourage you to check out their website!

I LOVE these Thin Stix and would absolutely purchase more of these!
I feel like after using these they are now a MUST HAVE in my craft supplies. 

No more spills, no more stress, no more hesitation. When the kids are bored or have a school project to accomplish, I simply pull out my ginormous box of a number of different dirty, mixed up, paint supplies, endless brushes, cups full of dirty water, paper towels, towels, heck let's just bring the shop vac! box of Thin Stix and paper or old cardboard and let the kids do as they please!

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The Pencil Grip, Inc. has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway for your very OWN set of THIN STIX!! Simply enter the give away below! I will announce the winner on a future blog post as well as send the winner and email. Then The Pencil Grip, Inc. will send you your complementary set of these AWESOME paint sticks!

P.S. Just a suggestion from experience: These are nice to have on hand when you're out of town and leave the kids with a baby sitter or husband for more then a few days... trust me... save yourself from the horror that could be awaiting you if you choose not to:

Yes that's paint on my guitar case, my floor, my ... everything.
...This never would have happened with Thin Stix...

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  1. These look awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!