Sunday, January 22, 2017

Benefit of Homeschooling #1: Character Training

There are numerous benefits to homeschooling, but I would say the most important is the ability to do some serious character training.

Why is this important?
Isn't the ability to read or do math much superior then character?

Let me ask you this.

Your child can read, speak four languages, and do math brilliantly without assistance.

Now he/she can go teach English to a group of second graders? 


Does he have patience for that endeavor? What about the perseverance to push through when things get hard? Can they handle issues that come up with other coworkers? Or rebellious kids? These are all necessary character traits that will help them succeed.

Now he/she can manage and run a business with those brilliant math skills they required... at least the theory of it. 


But can they handle correcting others with a correct perspective and attitude? Can they manage their own time and money well? Can they balance life and work without either suffering?

Do you see how IMPORTANT character is?

Can your 2-3 year old sit and pay attention for a sort period of time (self-control)? If they can't how will they ever sit and listen to a teacher?

Can your 6-8 year old respect authority? If not, how will ANYONE teach them anything?!?

We had the privilege of facing some serious character issues in our children HEAD ON THIS WEEK!! And I am excited to share with you what we do when we do this.

We took the week off from academics (which I do with my teeth gritting together since I hate "falling behind") since we realize that character is FAR more important then keeping on schedule with bookwork.

Firstly we had a study on "contention" "quarreling" and "strife". We determined in our hearts to memorize and apply Proverbs 17:14, "The beginning of strife is like the releasing of water, Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts."

Each child tried to stop the water from pouring out AFTER I had already starting pouring it. 

We discussed walking away from a fight BEFORE we allow ourselves to start fighting.

The second opportunity we had this week for some serious character training was surrounding selfishness. We got to come together as a family and discuss what selfishness is and what a selfish life looks like.

Alex took a garbage bag and cut the bottom off.
This bag represented a selfish life.
The kids tried to fill the bag with toys, but they just fell out the bottom and the bag was still empty at the end of all their efforts. 

We explained to the kids that if they continue down a road of selfishness they will end up with no friends and no one around them. 
They will never be satisfied through being selfish. 

This is just ONE of the many benefits to home-educating!

What an opportunity and unique privilege we have when we homeschool to really mold our children's characters! It's probably the BEST part of homeschooling. I often fall into mistake of thinking the academics are most important and miss those amazing moments when I could be speaking into my children's hearts. 

Not this week! :)

Hopefully not next week ;)

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  1. As Parents we get to be Disciplining our Kiddo's all the time <3