Monday, December 26, 2016

Strange Gifts

Please tell me if you received gifts from your family members as strange as I did:

A Mug with my brother-in-law's brother's face... Let's just say his brother and I don't get along. So he got me a mug with his face on it. It's my "Doug Mug"

A life size cut out of my sister who lives in Fargo so I can take her with me everywhere I go. 

A mug with a verse on it that indicates I am a "strong ass crouching between two burdens" and on the opposite side is a picture is me between my two sisters (aka my two burdens).

Did you get any ... interesting... gifts???


  1. WOW!!! no not really :) i got an electric blanket, a ceramic mug that says Reese's, a box of Queen Anne's Cordial Chocolate Cherries (40 pieces) yummy... a clip on knife, warm hot Gluten Free Domino's Pizza,a framed art work with my life verse from a Sista during our WM's Christmas Brunch, and some $ from a Sista in Christ who lives in sunny warm Florida.but LOL really LOVE that life size cut out of Ali-Saa <3 i'm gonna ask for one of them (Pablo/Alyssa) this yr so when their gone i can still see them and go on adventures with them but not with them hehehe ;)

  2. I got some old leftover candy from my grama, that's how I spell it, it tasted like really fruity though really gross. A nice necklace and earrings, some lottery tickets lime every year :) from my grandparents and a big wooden K I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I didn't mean lime I meant like hahaha