Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Speaking of Traditions...

Speaking of Traditions....

 If you read my last post, I talked a little about Traditions and the holidays and how we have been trying the "Jesse Tree" this year, with our own twist on it.

Well for the last couple years, we decided to start something for Thanksgiving that blessed our neighbors and opened up opportunities to share Jesus with them!

And what says, "We love Jesus and we love you"  more then HOT CINNAMON ROLLS ON A COLD MORNING?!?

We stay up late the night before Thanksgiving and make two large batches of cinnamon rolls.

Gluten to pass out to neighbors and Gluten-Free/Dairy Free for our family. 

The next morning, while the cinnamon rolls are baking (and filling our home with the most wonderfully warming smell of cinnamon and yeast), we start up the cream cheese frosting.

We then COVER the PIPING HOT cinnamon rolls in icing, bundle up, and head outside!!

We go door to door and whoever answers gets a cinnamon roll, one per person in the house. 

We actually had a few neighbors RUN to the door and greet us, "Oh we hoped it was YOU GUYS! We've been waiting for you!!"

We had to explain to Elias that we had a second batch in the house for us to eat.
We passed the last three off to one neighbor and Elias was yelling, 

By the time we got back, our rolls had just finished.
We frosted them, ate them, and drank some fresh coffee with cream.
(Yes, I allow my kids to drink coffee now and again... its way better then pop or loads of juice!)

Even Aryeh enjoyed his first cinnamon rolls. 

And after Elias has his fill of 4 cinnamon rolls, he curled up in my lap as we snuggled and watched the remainder of the Macy's Day parade.

We then got dressed and ready to go to Alex's family's house. 

Saturday morning we did Thanksgiving at my dad and step mom's house.
We also spent Sunday evening at my mom and step dad's.

Three Thanksgivings filled with the people I LOVE the most!
My family!!

You know, during Thanksgiving especially, but really anytime I'm with my family, I think back to not even ten years ago. My family was divided. Destitute. Only my dad and I walking with the Lord. I remember day after day pouring my heart out to God pleading for my family and interceding for their walks with Jesus. 

It's amazing to now see both sisters, married, having children, and so IN LOVE with Jesus!!!!

I have the relationship with them that I've longed for my whole life, but never have been able to have. 

God's in the business of REDEEMING! 

Now that's something to be Thankful for!


  1. Awesome!!sounds fun😃😃😄

  2. that is so awesome i just love you all Deputies, i really enjoy reading your posts as the Lord not only encourages me but at the same time heals my heart from all the years of hurt and pain, i see what FAMILIA not only looks like but also what it can look like. i'm so thankful that you all go all out for holidays with Family, Fabian and i are not there yet but i think little by little our hearts are getting there- more so for me. my family is still to this day not that close i mean we know were 'related' and that we should be somewhat 'close' were taking it super slow and way too safe i know. i love seeing the pix of the kiddos smiles and yes even the sad ones simply the realness of everyday life. and the ones with my Son Pablo to see that smile on his face and being able to be a part of what Family should be touches my heart, i too am thankful for your Family every single one of you, your family, your dads, your moms, Pablito & Alyssa... wow i 'feel' like Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas where he's on top of his mountain and he's on the ground crying out for help to his dog holding his chest in pain saying help me i'm starting to feel... LOL, i never knew one could love this much, and that a family could go from strangers, to acquaintances,to friends from a far, to instant Familia thru Marriage, wow, and now my Kid is going to have a kid of his own and just how much we love your Sister i tell her we loved you even before you said yes and we started to pray for you, then when you said yes to our Kid we loved you even more :) i try not to overwhelm her with too much of all the gushy love stuff. thank you Cassie for sharing your love for Christ, the Lost and your Family. one day maybe Fabian & I will get to share in y'alls family get togethers. God Bless.