Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life with a Dozen People in a Home

Here's an update and some pretty priceless pictures of what the family has been up to since we've had a house-full of twelve people living here (not including the weekly straggler or two that comes to spend the night).

We've accommodated the house to pretty comfortably fit 12 people. All my kids share a room with a triple bunk. My sisters share the room upstairs adjacent to the kids. Alex and I have our room. My dad and step mom have the room on the lower level with the large closet that my brothers share. 

With so many people in the house, we go through a TON of food! 
This is a picture from one of our CostCo runs. All these people minus Lorn Ross and Elyssa live in the house. However, Alyssa who lives here isn't in this picture. And Lorn Ross is eating here and present every evening.

Here's a picture of Sunday after church. It was nap time so I laid all the kids down to sleep while tear down and such was happening. Elias was out COLD! He started going to class on Sunday mornings since he's finally 2 and potty trained, so he was wiped out! Everyone cleaned around him. I picked him up and carried him to the car where he fell asleep again. 

One day I sent the kids upstairs to play before bed since they had taken a late nap that day and I found Elias asleep on the second bunk. I assume he climbed up, couldn't get down and fell asleep. :)

Other then regular family life at home we've been still finishing up some wedding planning things. I can't wait to reveal pictures of the things we've been working on!! I'm planning on doing a whole post about cheap wedding decoration ideas that are just gorgeous (after the wedding of course, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise :))! 

Keep following Jesus. 
Keep Pressing on! 

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