Wednesday, August 14, 2013

4 Kids Age 2 and Under

I really enjoy the fact that I can say I have 4 kids ages 2 and under :)

Things have been great since being home. 
Day One was a bit overwhelming. My husband came home while we were in the hospital and decided to cook himself some food for the three days we would not be home. Well, he also decided to leave the meat packages and such in the trash can as well as all the windows open in the house so the house could "air out"... 

Raw Meat Packages + Humidity for 3 days = Rotting Flesh Smell

So we come home to an apartment that smells like rotting flesh, is rather dirty (which I didn't mind so much), and three overly stimulated, overly sleepy older sisters (which I full expected after three days of fun with their friends).

But the smell went away.
The kids all slept.
And the house... well it's going to forever be messy I think :)

I love to just sit back and watch the chaos go down (not even being sarcastic). I just love having a house full of children. I LOVE IT! 

Hayven is having a hard time since Elias has been home. She has been peeing all over the place and refusing to do anything she is told. Alex has been really cracking down on her and he has been also spending lots of one-on-one time with her just holding her and loving her. We know she is doing it for attention. She knows how to use the potty and has had no problems until Elias came home. It's just rebellion. We are trying to encourage her that she doesn't need to do that to get attention. Lots of snuggling time with mommy. Lots of wrestling with daddy. Lots of attention. But, not letting her get away with behaviors that still are not acceptable. 

The twins are doing great. Everyone hates when Elias cries. They all get really concerned...
Alecia said, "Mom, do you want to put Elias back in your tummy? He cries a LOT!"

Elias wants to be held most of the time. He likes to sleep in my bed with me (which I am actually really liking this time around). I know it will come to the point where we will want him to sleep in his own bed like we did with the girls, but I am really enjoying sleeping with him right now. 

I am producing a ridiculous amount of milk (as usual). I swear, I was made to nurse triplets. I am so serious! I nursed twins AND pumped enough to nurse another baby or two. After I feed Elias (he only eats from one side at a time) I pump a full two feedings more of milk. My freezer is getting well stocked and my baby Hayven gets a snack here and there.

Sleep is pretty foreign, but I have been used to that for the last few months. 

My back and pelvis hurt pretty bad. I am going to try to get my midwife to write me a prescription to see a chiropractor. I got a prescription for a massage in the hospital (which was so heavenly).

Things are going well! Alex has the month off (with the exception of three Saturday shifts). I just LOVE LOVE LOVE having another child! 

One thing I have noticed: I don't know if it's just because I have a boy this time around or if it's just because it's my third time having a baby to care for, but I feel so much different with this baby. I feel like the first time around (with the twins) I was just figuring things out. Everything was new and exciting and nerve wracking. The second time around (with Hayven), it was trying to balance having two toddlers and a new born. This time around, it's so much more... relaxed? I am not concerned about the house so much, or the "tasks" that need to get done, or even to hurry up and get Elias changed, or fed, or whatever. I just want to hold him and sleep next to him and smell him and sit back and watch how the family all interacts. 

And man have we gotten people's opinions on our lives since having this boy! Nurses in the hospital either think we are absolutely NUTS and they feel just obligated to share that with us, or they are amazed at the fact that we (God forbid) actually ENJOY having so many kids!!! Man, I just disconnect with people when it comes to having kids. I REALLY do. I can't think of ANYTHING more enjoyable. Sure it's overwhelming at times, but it's REALLY all what you make it. It's all in your perspective of things...

Anyways. Enough babbling :) I am going to go smell my baby ;)

One thing I regret... before I go smell my baby... I wish I would have shared Christ more with people in the hospital. I think I may have only shared with two people and had the opportunity to share with so many more. Lord, forgive me for not sharing Your love and Your truth as much as I was given the opportunity to. There is no one I love more then You! And the joy that I have, the peace that I have, the children that I have, are only because of You. Thank You Lord :)


  1. Alecia said, "Mom, do you want to put Elias back in your tummy? He cries a LOT!"

    Oh that tickled me! I love the ways kids think and say exactly what they are thinking!

    Congrats! I knew, from reading your blog over the years, that this is exactly where you want to be in life right now and I am happy that you are happy!

    Are you all planning to have as many children has God see's fit for you or are you done? If this is too personal, I apologize!

    Congrats again. he's so cute.

    Enjoy those kiddos!!

  2. I personally want six kids (at least). we are going to wait a few years before we have another one I think. My husband wants to get into a house in the next few years so we can lower our living expenses and have a bigger space to have more kids.

    Thanks so much :)