Monday, June 24, 2013

33 Weeks and Struggling

 So here is the nitty, gritty, nasty details:

Sunday afternoon I passed my mucus plug
No bloody show so that's good.
Since then I have been really nauseated
have had diarrhea 4-5 times, 
have no appetite as well as 
SHARP cervix jabs
menstrual cramping
back pain
even butt pain from all the 
pelvic pressure...

For the last two nights I have been up every 30 minutes or so going to the bathroom and swearing my water is going to just burst right then and there with the amount of pressure I am feeling!!!

I have taken hot baths,
hot showers,
breathed essential oils,
drank lots of water
sat on an exercise ball,
watched movies,
laid down,
gone for a short walk...

Just. One. More. Week. 
I just NEED to make it to 34 weeks.
Then I can go to Woodwinds,
see my midwife,
and have an attempt at a natural birth

Sunday is my goal people. 
Please pray for me. 
I am going to try taking it easy this week and try different things to help my uterus muscles relax. A friend of mine is a doula and is thinking about going to school for midwifery and gave me some tips on how to slow things down a bit... some not so orthodox... will share later if they helped or not. 


  1. Have you told your doctors that? I'm assuming you have but since you said you could see your midwife in one more week I didn't know if you did... passing a mucus plug is usually the first start of labor... ?

    1. Yes I went in today.
      Baby dropped REALLY low. She could feel his head.
      They ran a bunch of tests and will call if anything comes back abnormal.
      Otherwise there isn't much they can do.
      Just waiting it out.