Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More On Potty Training (Day 7 & 3)

So my dearest Ahavah is on day 7 of Potty Training.
Day 5 was a bit rough. 
She seemed to start going backwards and peeing/pooping on the floor.
However we stuck to it and she is doing AWESOME now!
We even stopped giving her diapers at nap and bed time (yesterday was the first day) and has stayed dry.
Last night I cam into their room to feed Hayven at about 4am.
Ahavah just got up, went pee, then went back to bed. :)

My dearest Alecia is on day 2 of being off diapers during the day. 
She pooped on the floor twice yesterday :/
But overall she is doing well.

Today I put them both in underwear (usually I have them naked).
Alecia just peed in them like they were a diaper.
Ahavah sat on the potty without pulling them down and peed right through them. 

Two pairs down, only 3 more until I need to do laundry again. 

Our plan is to NOT go back! 
Ahavah is DONE with diapers (even if she pees the bed every night).
Alecia is done with them during the day. 

I want to keep a record of what we did/are doing so that I (and others) can refer back to it.

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  1. Cassie, you are a blessing to me. I really needed to read these words of encouragement today. Thanks for blogging, and for being so open and honest. I check your blog regularly and and blessed and encouraged by your growth and faithfulness to Jesus. Praise the Lord!