Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Ready to Move

Unlike most people, I absolutely LOVE moving! I look forward to the newness and change of scenery. A new apartment layout, a new neighborhood of people to meet and talk to, a new environment to walk around and explore, new challenges (bugs? weather damage? pipes blowing out?).

I am being TOTALLY SERIOUS! I love it! I like the packing, unpacking, moving, painting, cleaning...

This new place that we are moving into is... well... we haven't heard ANYTHING good about the apartment complex or neighborhood. However, our specific apartment has new tile floors and new cupboards. We are on the first floor and have a sliding glass door that goes out into a grassy (well partially grassy) courtyard that is right across from the property management lady. This place is considered the "ghetto" of Little Canada.

So why are we moving there?

My husband and I really believe this is where we are supposed to be. Have you ever wondered why some families get called to the most dangerous parts of Africa or the Middle East? They need to hear about Jesus too!

IT may not be comfortable for the family, or even safe to the human eye. What makes it any different here in America? We aren't going to deal with HALF the things that a missionary going over seas would, but we are more then willing to live in the "ghetto of Little Canada" if it means telling people there about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the amazing relationship we can have with Him!

So as we pack, plan, paint, clean, and arrange things, I can honestly say that I am excited to "down-grade" (as the world would put it) from our comfortable suburban apartment back to the more "unstable" cities.

May our lives continually be poured out for our Savior Jesus Christ! May we grow deeper and more intimately in our relationship with Him! May we face trails, joys, ups, and downs that bring us closer to our God!

August 20th we get the keys that unlock our new chapter in this love & adventure story following Jesus Christ.

Are you struggling with some situation that the Lord has put you in?
Could it be because you are focusing on yourself?
On what you see?
On what your fears are?
Ask the Lord to change your heart.
Trust in Him.

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