Tuesday, August 24, 2010

35 Weeks Tomorrow!

Seriously??!? I never thought I would make it this far! I cannot imagine going to 40 weeks! I couldn't imagine going past 34 weeks, but I did! Praise the Lord!

At church on Sunday, I got to listen to a bunch of women's stories about birth and their experiences and tips. I thought about how uncomfortable it would be to give birth laying on your back on that stupid bed. Last time I went into labor, the contractions in my back were pretty strong and I can't imagine laying in that bed on my back with those. One lady told me about how she gave birth squatting with her husband holding her up from behind. That sounds good to me. I don't want to lay in that bed hooked up to a million monitors for hours while I am in excruciating pain!

So my plan is most definitely to stick it out at home until I can't anymore. I plan on showering, eating, putting on makeup and doing my hair, watching a movie, clean the house, and just keep occupied until I am heaving over in pain, then I will go in. I also plan on not getting an epidural... but we will see how everything goes.

Monday I officially stopped taking my pills (yesterday). I only took two on Sunday instead of four and then didn't take any Monday. The only difference I notice is no side effects! No heartburn or indigestion, no dizziness, and I am sleeping a lot more... that could just be from the growth of the babies. I don't sleep at night still, but I get a good 6-7 hours a day now. Like last night I slept from 2am-4:30am and then from 8:30am-12:30pm!

I also went for my first outdoor walk today in a LONG time! I feel awesome! I got sleep and I got exercise! WOO HOO!!

I really want these babies born this next week. Our anniversary is on the 5th and the prophecy conference is the 10th-12th. Of course all our "plans" WILL revolve around the babies, but 35 weeks is a good time I think ;)

I have noticed weight that I am putting on! I went this long without gaining too much weight that wasn't baby, but I have been CRAVING SWEETS so bad! Boxes of pop tarts, candy, fatty food... anything. But I see it in my face and arms. So I am trying to eat better now. Keeping the house clean is my exercise considering I have lost so much muscle mass being on "bed rest".

The itchiness has not subsided! I think Thursday at my appointment I will let my doctor know. I am just itchy ALL OVER!! I also have contractions all day long still. They are the worst in the evening (4pm-12pm) and most consistent. Otherwise I will have 2-6 an hour every hour and then in the evening every 10 minutes or so.

  • Thicker hair and nails: yes yes and yes. I really like this about pregnancy
  • Constipation: not at all. I have been more regular while being pregnant then before
  • Back pain: not so much. Only if I stand for long periods of time now that I am bigger.
  • Pregnancy Glow: not sure. I don't think I got many comments about "glowing". I think pregos just look so cute as they are!!

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