Tuesday, August 3, 2010

32 Weeks Tomorrow

My baby shower last week was fantastic! Cristina, Kate and Charity totally pulled it together wonderfully! Cristina ordered pea pod balloons and Charity picked up a bunch more balloons. Katesohpia organized a bunch of it I know and helped with the food. So did Paula. We got totally blessed with a bunch of gifts! Alex had cleaned the whole apartment, packed up the whole living room so all that was left in there was our couch and bed. Hes awesome. We left the bed in the room and I lounged on there with the gifts surrounding me. It really gave it the unique "bed rest" feel. Haha. We ate nutella crepes, donuts, fruit and coffee.

We also moved and, Praise the Lord, only a few things got broken and so far not too much lost. Our new place is SO much bigger! I am really excited to have the kids here! The nursery was the first room that I had set up. (Even though I am on bed rest, I have done a lot this past week unpacking and cleaning and such and have felt pretty good.) It's really REALLY cute! Once we get a camera I plan on taking pictures of it.

So I am still popping pills so stop the contractions. For the last 3 days I have been feeling like the time to deliver is getting closer and closer. Around 4pm until about 12am I will have contractions like every 6-10minutes. They aren't too strong. Some stronger then others. And during the day I will have at least 1-2 an hour.

Emotionally I am doing great though! Really practicing keeping my emotions in check and remaining submissive to my husband and patient despite what I am feeling inside. It helps to have Mariah here (we picked her up Sunday) because I know that she is watching me and how I act. She is also a HUGE help!!! She just takes the initiative and does the dishes and helps with house work. It's really REALLY nice!

I also got to go to church on Sunday in my wheel chair. That was really refreshing to see people. And I'm glad we went becuase a couple from East Asia came to speak and we bought like 3-4 books on Muslims and how to share Jesus with them. Our neighbors across the hall are Muslim and we REALLY want to get to know them. They have a newborn girl too.

My husband is so great! He is still cooking dinners everynight and getting things done like a pro! We had a rough week this last week and he was REALLY crabby and pretty mean. So check this out: I hear a knock at the door and its the UPS guy. I sign for a little white package, not having a clue what it is for. I open it up and my husband had a card in there that said, "Thanks for loving a guy who's such a Goober like me. Sorry for the horrible week babe. I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much. Love Mr. Babe." And it came with a box of brownies (which I finished already). :)

He also came home from Nate and Susie's wedding with some cake that he saved me and a HUGE bouquet of flowers that are GORGEOUS!

So, yes, I am pretty much the most blessed wife on the face of earth. Perhaps to have ever walked this planet. And speaking of planets, I am one and should seriously have my own moon orbiting around me. I am ready for these babies to come out, but for their health and development, I pray they stay in a few more weeks. :)

Mrs. Babe out...

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