Friday, April 16, 2010

16 week ultrasound

I had an ultrasound scheduled yesterday to find out the sexes of the babies. So I have my mother take the day off and my sister and they drove an hour to come to the appointment. Well, I walk in and they didn't have me scheduled! They didn't have me at ALL this month! I told the receptionist to please try to sneak me in, I have family that drove quite a ways to be here.

Of course the main ultrasound technician had left at like 1pm, so my doctor did the ultrasound. We couldn't see the sexes after about 15 minutes. Baby A sat their with his legs clamped shut and didn't move. However, Baby B was VERY active. My doctor said, "Man, this kid is moving around so much! What is the matter with this baby?!? What the hell Alex, you have an abnormal child!" Haha it was really funny.

My doctor thinks they are both girls from what he could see. We cannot tell if they are identical or fraternal yet... well he couldn't tell. I go back for "the big ultrasound" May 27th. I will be 22 weeks then. They scheduled me at 3:00pm, but I told her that I will be a little late becuase I want my husband there. Hopefully mom and Alyssa will come again.

So now I am REALLY anxious to know what these babies of mine are!! Oh God, I know you will give me what I should have and I know that it won't be more then I can handle... but two girls?!? Really??!? You sure?!? I mean I don't know for sure. I thought You told me the oldest would be a boy. I guess these next weeks will produce patience. :) YAY! That my favorite lesson to learn!

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